"All I can think is what shitty thing is this “free” app going to do to me so they can satisfy their investors?"
"Always hire the best people. Never compromise in your hiring standards, no matter how big your company gets. And it’s true. A great team can take an okay idea and transform it into an incredible, world-beating product. But something has always bugged me about this advice. There’s an elephant in the room in the form of an implied clause: Always hire the best people… who are willing to live in San Francisco. Substitute Mountain View, New York, Boston, Chicago, or any other city. The problem is the same. We pay lip service to the idea of hiring the best people in the world — but in reality, we’re only hiring the best people who happen to be close by."
"Dev machines can roll changes, test, then roll out to staging, and then roll out to production."
"Big companies get stale, they get bureaucratic, they lose their edge,"

Good read and a perfect reason why investors are arrogant fools not qualified to judge anything. They think they know a better programmer but they don’t even understand the technology.  I could spend all day commenting on this article but I think the arrogance and stupidity of venture capitalists is easy to see in this article.

Reminds me of the time I was asked about my skills and if I was “web services”.   Yes I am and I am also “big data” and “scalability” LOL

"smaller companies are more likely to adopt cloud-computing platforms due to their ability to more easily slip the constraints of existing legacy systems."

This is the picture of the year. #nasa

"constant connectivity makes us three seductive promises: One, that we will always be heard, two, that we can put our attention wherever we want it to be, and third, that we never have to be alone."

(via Sen. Reid On ‘Made In China’ U.S. Olympic Uniforms: ‘Burn Them’ : The Two-Way : NPR)  It might that he wants to burn them because they are so ugly.  And what is with the hats?